Just got my Dharma desk!!! So beautiful and back/neck friendly. Thank you very much.~  S. Wood-Blackman
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter loves the desk I bought her. Now instead of lying all over the floor trying to read or work on her computer she can do it at her desk in comfort.

- M. Nobauer

Thanks so much for the expediency of the Dharma Desk shipment. I absolutely love it, so practical and I absolutely love that it is made from wood products! My back and next were killing me from poor posture with a laptop, no longer a problem! Just in time to finish a work report from home!

- Kelly McMahon

Can I just say that my Dharma Desk is awesome?! I’m sitting at it right now. I switched back to sitting at a table for a day or two last week, and I found my hips, hamstrings and gluteus maximus tightened right up again. This is so much better. Thanks so much for bringing such an awesome product to my attention, Carla!

- Janet Bertsch

I’ve got one. Love it! I’ve got it set up in my yoga room and have been using it for writing. I think it’s awesome, well done! I hope you do really well with it.

- Erich Schiffmann