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“The most powerful way to open, activate, energize and balance all of our chakras and keep our bodies and minds in a healthy condition is to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Love is the greatest healer; the vitalizing, nourishing, sustaining electricity of life.  When we love ourselves and are able to offer this love to others, we keep our body/mind systems charged and vitalized with this electricity.”

Neil S. Cohen, Legion of Light

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Wooden Pegs

Every Dharma Desk comes with 4 pegs – but replacement pegs are available if needed. Made of solid birch, the...

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Sitting props

Make your sitting experience with the Dharma Desk more comfortable by sitting on a prop. We have handmade cotton...


Peg Bags

These are handmade cloth bags to hold the birch pegs of your Dharma Desk while transporting or storing the unit....