Slouching in varied angles of flexion may feel cosy in the moment, but over time these positions can have negative health implications. Correcting posture is one of the most straight forward actions you can take to improve your overall well being physically, emotionally and mentally. On the flip side, poor posture can lead to digestive, respiratory, nerve and structural issues.
The solution?

  • For starters, put aside a few minutes to evaluate and modify your varied work environments.
  • Design your space to facilitate a more functional sitting position both easily and comfortably.

The Dharma Desk was designed for the mobile worker, whether working in different locations the home, office, or while traveling the world; you’ll find yourself sitting taller and feeling better when using the station.  We want to help you sit comfortably, feel better, work smarter!  Along with the desk, we have plenty of  tools, tips and practices to improve your working wellbeing on a functional level.

Key points for positioning yourself in a seated work position:

  • Sit on a prop (zafu, zabuton, blanket, etc) to lift the hips and let the knees drop down easily.
  • Ensure that your arms bend at the elbows at a 90 degree angle with the wrists either straight or slightly angled downward.
  • Don’t slouch! Sit tall, let the shoulders relax naturally and avoid craning your neck forward (let it rest in a neutral position).
  • Alternate your leg position frequently to keep the legs and hips balanced. (See link on Yoga Sitting Postures for a discussion on various sitting positions to consider).
  • Take breaks — at least every 45 minutes. Get up and stretch.