What does it mean to be ergonomic? Simply put, ergonomics is about making life activities simpler and safer by taking into account human characteristics and movements in relation to the specific environment in use, during the design phase of a related product. As one might expect, there are more tips and tricks online dedicated to correcting the user rather than the product (see 50 tricks and tips) itself.  While it is good practice to promote self awareness while sitting, a busy mind absorbed in online activities could better benefit from a space that encourages healthy posture easily and comfortably.

Naturally, any job is made more efficient and enjoyable with the correct tools.  It’s safe to say that students often have compromised work environments, yet spend close to the same amount of time leaning over laptops, tablets and books as the average full time professional. The early years of study are both habitually and physically formative, and setting the best foundation possible is a worthwhile investment towards structural health and general wellbeing! 

Along with comfort and ease of use, versatility is important.  There are 3 main things students should seek while choosing a suitable workstation:

  1. Adjustable: seek a product that will accommodate grow and movement.
  2. Portable: many students change live spaces frequently while in post secondary school – seek an item that is built to collapse and travel.
  3. Durable: high quality crafted items are worth the investment – choose products that will stand the test of time.

Good posture, or structural integrity is more valuable than we often give credit to (and will write about in an upcoming article) as it contributes to improving and influencing both short and long term wellbeing on many levels. Give a couple minutes to consider your work environment and find easy ways to make it as inviting and comfortable possible.