Literally! Yes. I definitely noticed headaches from being out of alignment and wrist pain appearing shortly after I jumped onto the smart phone bandwagon.  Looking at this list, I realized that I even hold my breath while writing text messages (and go blue while scripting emails, this might be because it is not the forte of an Iphone to type efficiently or effectively).  I’ve cut and paste this from an excellent newsletter I receive regularly from Vita Kolodny, of the Feldenkrais Centre Vancouver.


In a recent study in the Globe & Mail, people who use handheld devices reported pain in their hands, arms, upper back and neck. The more they used their devices the greater the pain.

How can you reduce your pain while using modern technology?

While using your phone or other personal device sit in a way where you feel supported from your feet up to your pelvis and into your upper body e.g. feet on the floor, sitting on top of pelvic sitting bones, chest expanded.
Neck pain can occur from keeping your head bent down and your eyes fixed for a long time while working on your device.
Periodically lift the device to chest level and raise your arms. Feel air coming into your chest and with it notice how your chest and sternum lift. The angle of the back of your neck will change. This will change the angle of your neck and focus of your eyes.

Remember to breathe while using your device.

If you are standing, resist the temptation to text or email while walking. It is hard to get adequate support while concentrating on trying to walk without bumping into something or someone.
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Source: Jessica Acs, En Pointe Pilates