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Did you know that the average Canadian spends 43.5 hours on the internet per month? That’s nearly twice the global average, with an even split between men and women across the country.  The cost of laptops is coming down every year, and with respect to their portable function and economy of size it’s an easy choice for most consumers to trade in the desktop computer for the overall convenience.

However – posture suffers and can lead to all sorts of preventable health defects.  Most laptops end up where they shouldn’t – on our laps.  The other alternative is adjusting the old desktop station, which ends up equally as compromising on other joints, such as wrists and hips.

Dharma Desk is a multi faceted solution.  Durable, portable, and adjustable – this desk has a variety of features to suit most laptop users. It supports and encourages a long spine, open hips, and neutral wrist position.

Highly functional, eco-ethical and Made in Canada, this product is a beautiful addition to any retail space big or small. Our partner program has been designed to be easy, and to support your business’s marketing needs both in studio and online.

Unlike regular retail agreements based upon pre ordered inventory, there is no risk to your business.  We take care of inquiries, storage, shipping and handling.   Your leads are fully tracked and easy to trace, and commissions are delivered by mail direct to the business after the pass of the customary return period.

With special’s for teacher training graduates and events, contact us to learn more about increasing income opportunities for your specific studio, venue or online business.

What do you get for being a partner?

●    15% commission on every order
●    Full marketing materials (info brochure, cards and poster for set up)
●    Dharma Desk processes and ships your order
●    Questions and returns are handled by Dharma Desk
●    Access to an exclusive affiliate page sharing promotional ideas and techniques to increase sales possibilities.

2 ways to increase your sales with Dharma Desk and Dharma Desk accessories:

1.    Online with a website, blog or other social networking site. Use coded web modules, banners or links to dharmadesk.com with your code embedded in the link. When a visitor from your website clicks on your Affiliate advertisement, they are taken to dharmadesk.com with your code in the link. All promotional tools are provided by Dharma Desk and are accessible to you once approved for the program.

2.    In studio or related retail space. This product is perfect for yoga, Pilates, martial arts or fitness related studios.  Also chiropractic, osteopathic or massage clinics can add a value add product to encourage better posture outside of treatments.

Dharma Desk is committed to creating mutually supportive practices with our partners.  All of our partners are verified to ensure a complimentary fit. Furthermore, we offer a discount to customers only available with the partner code to ensure that your customers have incentive to purchase through your business. Finally, we are passionate about interacting with the increasingly expansive online community and will feature periodical mentions of your company, blog or business in order to cross promote and increase overall awareness.

Interested in becoming a partner? Click here to Sign Up! We’ll be in touch shortly.