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Posture is really important in human life. You need to have the right posture while sleeping, sitting or walking. While carrying out any task one should be very particular about the posture especially while doing a physical activity. Typing is also a physical activity to a large extent as you need to keep your hands on the move. Sitting before the computer or a typewriter for a long time will surely be something that you cant avoid while typing. Making oneself comfortable for the whole session is one thing and maintaining a proper posture to keep oneself healthy and increase productivity is really important to have a long term healthy posture of the human body.

A long term exposure to typing with a wrong posture may lead to several disorders which are going to show their ill effects in the long run. These disorders are generally represented by an acronym WRMDs which stands for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. A person may suffer from carpel tunnel, disc herniation and tendinitis if appropriate posture is not used while working on the computer. To avoid these disorders one has to be very particular about the posture he has been keeping for the majority of the time period while working on the computer at a stretch.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that dont ever try to keep your back bent and sit deep in the chair not at the edge as we see many a people sitting on the edge in an effort to lay back on the chair and operate the keyboard and mouse on that table. This is the worst practice of typing as it may lead to many spinal disorders.

Keep moving by taking breaks after every 1 or two hours in the room itself so that your blood circulation remains in order, keep your eye movement in all directions after every half an hour. Never ever sit on a chair that tends to be uncomfortable for the right posture as you may ruin your health.

Keeping the right postures while typing will surely lead to the increase in efficiency and will go a long way in preserving your health for a long period of time.