The Dharma Desk is the creation of husband and wife partners Marco Giroux and Carla Wainwright. Marco is a carpenter and woodworker and Carla is a yoga teacher as well as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy.

Dharma Desk - Owner - Carla Wainwright

Carla was becoming increasingly uncomfortable sitting in a chair for extended periods of time and was finding that long days at the computer were negatively effecting her posture and tightening her hips and legs. She asked Marco to design her a desk where she could sit on the floor in a comfortable and ergonomic way. And so the Dharma Desk was born!

Many of Carla’s fellow yoga teachers and students saw her desk and were intrigued, as most had also experienced the negative effects of extended sitting at a desk. As the requests began to come in, we realized that there must be many others who would also be interested in a desk that could be adjustable, portable and promote good posture and a more flexible body.

Dharma Desk - Owner - Marco Giroux

It was extremely important to the both of us that the desks be produced locally and in as an environmentally friendly way possible. The desks are made in Prince George, BC out of FSC certified Baltic birch and are varnished with a water based finish. The peg bags are also made locally, as are the straps and sitting props. The cloth for the peg bags is fair trade and uses all natural dyes. By purchasing a Dharma Desk, you are not only supporting our local economy but you are assured of a product that is guaranteed to be well made and reliable.

It is our hope that you get great satisfaction out of using your Dharma Desk – whether it be for work or leisure, and that over time you notice a more open, flexible and relaxed body. Your dharma is your path of righteousness, and it is our belief that when you feel good, you can do good!


Carla & Marco