Our fans share their stories …

“I’ve got one. Love it! I’ve got it set up in my yoga room and have been using it for writing. I think it’s awesome, well done! I hope you do really well with it.”

– Erich Schiffmann

“Hi Carla, it is so busy in the yoga studio on Saturdays that I didn’t really get a chance to tell you how much I love the desk. The workmanship is incredible and I LOVE the design… both the functionality of it and the aesthetics. It is so simple and beautiful. I LOVE the tree design and the leaf on the surface of the desk and the natural wood. You two have done a wonderful job of putting together a tool I will appreciate forever! Thank you. :)”

– Dawn Russman

“Love it! What a great idea!”

– Jessica A.

“I love the Dharma Desk!  Sitting on the floor is my most comfortable position and now I can do my work on the floor, ergonomically! I really enjoy the ability to easily raise and lower the height of the Dharma Desk according to my needs at any given time. And best of all, the portability of the desk makes it possible for me to travel and still do my computer work in comfort!”

– Mugs McConnell

“Portable, functional and a fantastic idea and design.”

– Peter K.

“I bought the smaller desk for my husband, who loves to sit in his recliner and use the laptop. With the supports inverted it fits perfectly between the arm rests, and provides a great desk platform (rather than balancing the laptop on his knees)! Not only is this such a useful and helpful addition to our work and living room space…it is also beautifully crafted.”

– Carol F.

“I Absolutely LOVE my Dharma desk.  I’m using it right now.”

– Bret D.

“I love the wood. The designs are great. I like the idea of being able to work on my computer while sitting on the floor.”

– Sarah C.

“I like that it encourages proper posture/alignment – this reinforces what i help people with (yoga & bodywork)…. it helps me to ‘walk my talk’.”

– Eric B.

“We love our Dharma Desk because it gives us the mobility to enjoy the outdoors while we are working. It makes desk tasks easier and more appealing to listen to the birds and be out in the sun.”

– Reeanna B.

“I like sitting on the floor.. hate sitting on a chair. The desk is so practical and makes great sense.”

– C.M. Williams

“Thank you! I’m lovin my Dharma Desk. It has added diversion to my meditation corner. Hope you come back to the next yoga show.”

– Gisele T.

“The Dharma Desk provides an option for a posture a lot of us have to do every day, whether we are working or exploring on facebook! : ) The posture of sitting asks a lot of our bodies and the Dharma Desk gives us an opportunity to find spac…e and comfort within our bodies while practicing the fine art of sitting. The added bonus is the Dharma Desk is beautiful and made locally by Carla and Marco – you guys are awesome!! Thanks for my dharma desk, I LOVE it!!”

– Jaylene P.

“Dharma Desks are fantastic. What a great idea! It is so compact, light weight and easy to put together. Love that the height is adjustable. Great when you’re on the computer but also doing crafts.”

– Bev K.

“My Dharma Desk just arrived today. The tree design is beautiful. I love it! It is so awesome! I am using it right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Leigh-Ann T.

“I love my Dharma Desk. I use it everyday. I sit on my sofa with it in front of me. I am comfortable and way more productive.”

– Jeffrey S.

“Just wanted to let you know that my daughter loves the desk I bought her. Now instead of lying all over the floor trying to read or work on her computer she can do it at her desk in comfort.”

– M. Nobauer

“Just got my Dharma desk!!! So beautiful and back/neck friendly. Thank you very much.”

– S. Wood-Blackman

“Thanks so much for the expediency of the Dharma Desk shipment. I absolutely love it, so practical and I absolutely love that it is made from wood products! My back and next were killing me from poor posture with a laptop, no longer a problem! Just in time to finish a work report from home!”

– Kelly McMahon

“Can I just say that my Dharma Desk is awesome?! I’m sitting at it right now. I switched back to sitting at a table for a day or two last week, and I found my hips, hamstrings and gluteus maximus tightened right up again. This is so much better. Thanks so much for bringing such an awesome product to my attention, Carla!”

– Janet Bertsch

“Sitting at a couch with a laptop was just killing me – my posture was slowly turning me into an ogre and I have always been extremely worried about the harmful effects of having electronics so close to my body. With the Dharma Desk, I now work in comfort and feel like I’m doing my body a good service. I LOVE my Dharma Desk.

– Ned Tobin