Make your sitting experience with the Dharma Desk more comfortable by sitting on a prop. We have handmade cotton twill zafus and zabutons with different levels of firmness and support.

Several different types of fills are offered. Buckwheat hulls provide excellent therapeutic support for the body. The hulls shift easily and naturally to conform to the contours of the body, providing good support and minimizing stress on then hips and lower back. Kapok is an extremely fine hollow fibre which forms the lining of large seed pods of the tropical ceiba tree. The result is a firmer support than the buckwheat hulls. With all the supports, your muscles can relax rather than working to retain a comfortable supported position. Both the buckwheat hull and kapok fills are organic and sustainably harvested.

The Buckwheat Bean Zafu is a wedge-shaped crescent cushion of medium firmness. It provides good support for people with long legs and transfers weight to the sitting bones to relieve the perineal area. The forward-sloping wedge promotes back comfort. The buckwheat hull Bean has a sewn-in carry strap which conceals the zippered opening.

The Kapok Bean Zafu is a firmer but still yielding version of the buckwheat bean zafu.

The Buckwheat Thin Bean Zafu provides basic support for sitting in a very portable form. Excellent for people with good flexibility who don’t need a great deal of support or height to relax the knees.

The Kapok Thin Bean Zafu is just a firmer version of the buckwheat thin bean zafu.

The Cotton Zabuton is a 28″ x 32″ cushion that fits under the medium and large desks cushioning the knees and the ankles. Paired with a zafu, the two become the ultimate in comfortable and supported sitting! Made with 3 layers of cotton batting.

The Kapok Zabuton also measures 28″ x 32″ and is filled with natural kapok for a slightly firmer support.

Available colours (in order): burgundy, navy, natural, brown, yellow, black, red, blue and forest green.